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An evening with story-writer



KARACHI: An evening with story-writer


BY Hasan Abidi

KARACHI: Story-writer and literary critic Mohammad Hameed Shahid presented his story at the meeting of the Karachi Literary circle the other day.

Islamabad based writer, known for his two story collections, also wrote prose poems in near past and gave this form a different name 'nasain' (prose and poetry combined).

'Dukh kaisay marta hai' (how the pain dies?) was the title of the story. It was about an ailing bed-ridden mother and her devoted son. The boy was also attached to a girl, who frequently visited the house and had her sympathy with the mother and son. But, the girl who wanted to marry the boy since long, lost her patience and got married with another person. With the passage of time, 'dukh' (pain) in the boy's heart also began to fade and finally rubbed out.

Among those, who gave their comments on the story, included Prof Saher Ansari. He found that the story was based on realism and closely linked with the tradition. In the case of the couple, had their position been vice versa, what would have been the girl's choice, so one raised the question? Had she left the mother and got married? The story depicted the conflict of values and attitudes.

Mr Shamshad Ahmad admired the treatment of the story, weaving the background with small details and thus making it effective in conflict situation. The story though a narrative carried deeper meaning, he added. Mr Firdous Haider said, the main character devoted to mother was singular and supported our values and traditions.

Among others, who commented on the content and treatment of the story, included Mr Mubin Mirza, Mr Muslim Shamim and Mr Mazher Jameel, who was also the host of the evening. Ms Saba Ikram introduced the guest and conducted the proceedings.

Dawn-July,23 2003

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Mohammad Hameed Shahid

Mohammad Hameed Shahid